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Fighting over an ABU by VJ-Rabbit
Who wants to see Baby Mom's boobs?
I really need to do something besides stress on art.
Hi Kids, sorry for no uploads for a while, as of recent I am currently working on additional scenes for my "Inflatable Huggles" animation.
This will add on the other 3 huggle girls, in more circumstances.

Another thing I want to discuss briefly Adobes Official announcement 2 weeks ago, to kill off flash completely and how it will affect me.
As of now dA has said nothing about this announcement and unclear on what they plan to do with the flash content on here.
But seeing they do accept video uploads (unsure what format they prefer and I have never seen an actual video file here)
phasing out flash to me was inevitable and was prepared for this for a while now, Probably for about a year in to my animating I was aware.
But with this there is a possibility now some of my more known work will be available on youtube especially those on mobile devices.
For those who have been egging me on about wanting to see my animations outside da, what should I start off with? Is the question I will leave you here.

Take care, love you!…

I don't get why they are refered to boys, they're all girls. Trying too hard I guess.
About time I get some attention.

Wow people dont give a fuck, should I not give a fuck either?
Hi again everyone, I want to let you all know that I am in the mood to do some more animations for you all.
I did just finish off a private commission for someone and not sure if everyone knows that i am open for animation commissions. (and other commissions)
Just a reminder that if you decided to ask me for an animation, I will ONLY accept paypal, no points please.
What if Princess Lily..... was finally potty trained? :ooooooooo
Who do you like better Lady Tokai or Trixie?
ACEO 60: Lady Tokai by VJ-RabbitACEO 98: Trixie by VJ-Rabbit
If you remember this flash I did a while ago Inflatable Huggles PLUS by VJ-Rabbit
I only featured 3 of the huggles, now I must feature the other 3.
Im open to some little stories of what each of them would do.
I would like to have the other 3 do more diaper centric things since I did inflation with the first 3.
Remember the other 3 who haven't been shown yet are Ella, Sofia, and Olivia.
My Skype account was suspended
If you need to get a hold of me feel free to note me. Or find my discord at "Lily Emi #2107" I'll be making a server real soon don't worry.

Update make sure you dont have a space in between the name and the number label
so it should be like this "WildRabbit#2107"

Or look me up by email,

another update I will useing skype til this friday the 14th on us times, and I will stop
I have noticed a lot of my fans use discord more often than skype, and Im not surprised.
I am getting sick of the horrible changes in skype, and the forced updates.
So I got a question for you, do you use discord or skype more?
I am considering to stop using skype completely, and make a discord channel that way I can chat or rp with friends.
What do you think?
im done.... for now. (;
Just need to recuperate my creative skills after 2 weeks of almost nonstop sticker making.
I suppose in the mean time you can enjoy some dolly pics. c:
I think I should address that issue again since I got some people bothering me about it.
NO MEANS NO!!! I will not make your ridiculous request and not will certainly  not make an animation.
It is ok to give suggestions or commission me that work but to beg and try to leash off freebie off me I dont appreciate.
Maybe if you talk to me often, maybe if you got me on skype, and if I like you enough and we get along you may get that special request.
But obviously for those who dont talk to me much sorry.
Despite being a sad sappy person at times turning off my fans here and there, we've got ourselves another reason to celebrate.
Im still working on a new animation for all you to enjoy!
I think I need more people to talk to and communicate closer, if you are one of thse people
let me know my skype is nazz6000
WOOW We're almost at 600, I figured I would do another animation, unsure if I want to to a diaper, inflation or maybe both.
Im unsure of who or what to use. But hey you guys call the shots, what do you think should be my next animation?

Preseaon Hiatus 2017

Journal Entry: Tue Jan 10, 2017, 7:15 PM

Request and Commission
FO Requests by Enjoumou Open Trades by Enjoumou Open ACEOS by Enjoumou Open PComms by Enjoumou PAYPAL Accept by Enjoumou

Happy (belated) new year everyone!
Time to take my usual break around this time, stuff will be slow for the most part here.
I do got some pics im making for the HoY, if you been following that I got Lily, and Baby Mom up there.
But im thinking of adding my persona Tokai up there too, what do you think?

Really, even to my gf Hyu. Lady Tokai kinda represents me a lot more than any oc I got out now.

That pretty much all I got for now.
Bye bye kiddos!

Christmas Commission sale!

Journal Entry: Wed Dec 21, 2016, 9:32 PM

Request and Commission
FO Requests by Enjoumou Open Trades by Enjoumou Open ACEOS by Enjoumou Open PComms by Enjoumou PAYPAL Accept by Enjoumou

Commission Sale By Vj Rabbit-da841n9 by VJ-Rabbit
It the return of my commission sale! From Dec 23- Jan 2
Everything INCLUDING ANIMATION HALF OFF (Starting at $15 per character, up to 60 seconds)
I will be taking 5 slots for animation commissions since I've noticed that is one of my more popular options.
ANYTHING (excluding males and gore) will be accepted!
Paypal only, for animation commissions.
NOTE ME FOR AN ANIMATION QUOTE, have a script, or paragraph ready.
Please have a Happy Holidays!

Animations Slots
1 Open
2 Open
3 Open
4 Open
5 Open

After christmas im planning on making a new baby mom animation full of dumb things for her to do.
So im open to suggestions on what she should do, try to making it something feasible. :p